What is Carton Erecting Machine?

Publish Time: 2023-11-24 15:17
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A carton erecting machine, also known as a carton forming machine or box erecting machine, is a type of industrial machinery used in packaging and manufacturing processes. The carton forming machine is an indispensable equipment for making cartons.



What are the common types of packaging forming machines?

In the packaging machinery industry, the forming machine series products mainly include two kinds of carton forming machines with glue machine and without glue machine.


What kind of material is used in carton erecting machine?


1. Carton forming machines with glue machine

The glue-containing machine can produce cartons made of white cardboard, corrugated paper, kraft paper and other materials.


2. Carton forming machines without glue machine

Completed by heating without glue machine, so the material needs to be coated, such as PE coated paper.


How many kind of boxes can make in carton erecting machine?

The machine is used to make disposable lunch boxes, such as hamburger boxes, French fries boxes, fried chicken boxes, paper trays, cake boxes, pizza boxes, fruit boxes, boat boxes, noodle boxes and other take away paper boxes.


How does the carton erecting machine work?

The machine adopts servo motor controller, photoelectric tracking system, hydraulic-pneumatic system, and touch-screen man-machine interface.


What are the advantages of carton forming machines?

Carton erecting machine can automatically feed, convey and glue the cardboard, then form into carton at one time, greatly improving the production efficiency.



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