Fast Food Box Making Machine


With firm structure, high quality, low noise and high efficiency. It has paper feeding unit, adjusted unit, glue unit, forming unit, finished products collecting unit and also counting unit.

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Product Detail
Machine Description

Fast Food Box Making Machine is an ideal equipment for the production of carton boxes, such as hamburgers, french fries boxes, fried chicken boxes, children's lunch boxes, take-out boxes, triangular pizza boxes, etc. The structure is sturdy, good quality, low noise, and high efficiency. It has a paper feeding unit, an adjustment unit, a water unit, a forming unit, a finished product collection unit and a counting unit.




Model ZX-1200
Paper Weight 200-620g
Speed 80-160pcs/min
Paper Thickness ≤1.6mm

Paper box size

L:  100-450mm

W:  100-600mm  

H:  15-200m   

Glue material

Water glue

Paper Size 650*480mm

Max Box Size


Min Box size


Air Pressure 2kg/cm²
Machine Size 3700*1350*1450mm
Voltage 380v/220v
Current 50hz
Total Power 3kw
Machine Weight 1700kg





Comparison with others - Multi Advantages

Pneumatic Air Cylinder Knife (for burger box)      First innovated

Suitable for all kind of material of Burger box

Traditional cutter, can not handle thick paper when forming burger box.

If use such knife, product can get done easily and perfectly.

Highest Machine Configuration

Full Servo Control

Inteligence / fast adjustment / Easy Maintenance

Full set of Schneider (France) electronic device

Auto Lubrication System

Unique Machine Design

Belt Structure

Belt structure have features of low noise, easy maintenance , longer service life and high precision, if compare to belt structure

Cam Pushing System(Secret)

Cam pusher design,reduce the wearing a lot.

Better design concept than Taiwan and German.

Machine Running Stably at a high speed

Thick walls, Full Machine weight is exceed 2800KG

Imported electrical wire & device, bearings / True Materials

Full machine paint with stove vanish

Stove vanish Painting prevents the machine get corroded by glue

Imported NSK bearings

Imported electrical wire, fireproofing grade doubled

Wear-proof belt

Well selected belt. Belt service life is doubled

Double Machine Service Life

Double Machine Life

Double Guide Rail, Reduce Friction damage of pusher

Auto Lubrication

Auto Lubrication system to protect the getting damaged

Protection shield

Ensure Operator Safety


Machine Picture



Automatic glue sprayer, plasma.


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