How are Food Containers Manufactured?

Publish Time: 2023-12-27 14:06
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With the advancement of technology and the development of industrial automation, food container making machine has become the leader in the food container manufacturing industry.


What is the Food Container Making Machine used for?

Food container making machine not only protects the freshness and hygienic safety of food, but also facilitates us to store, transport and enjoy delicious food.

These advanced equipment bring us excellent food containers through efficient production processes and precise operations.


What is the process to make food container?


1. Selection of materials

Food-grade plastic or aluminum foil is usually used as raw material because of its good heat resistance, waterproofness and food safety.

After these raw materials undergo strict quality inspection, they are sent to the automated feeding system.


2. Feed in raw materials

The Food container making machine will automatically feed the raw materials into the heating chamber for melting and shaping.

Depending on the container type, the machine injects the molten raw material through the mold, pressing and cooling it to ensure the container's shape and size are accurate.


3. Multi-function

During the manufacturing process, the machines can also add special features to the containers as needed.


For example:

(1) Sealing performance

Some food containers may require sealing properties to prevent food from leaking or spoiling


(2) High temperature resistance

Other containers may need to be heat-resistant to accommodate microwave heating requirements.

Food container making machine can achieve these functions by adding different modules and process steps.


To sum up

Food container making machine provides us with high-quality food containers through its efficient, precise and environmentally friendly manufacturing process.

Whether it’s coffee cups, lunch boxes or takeaway packaging, the existence of food container making machine brings convenience and quality to our lives.




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