Food Container Forming Machine


Food Container Making Machine directly forms the paper by stamping, not only can hold solid or liquid food, but also subtracts the action of opening the lunch box processed by the traditional box-gluing machine, which greatly shortens the food package time, to meet the packaging requirements of fast food such as environmental protection, hygiene, sealing and fast circulation.

The whole machine conforms to "CE" certification, it also has the characteristics of accurate and stable transmission, high production efficiency and small floor area. On the same machine, only need to change the mold to be able to manufacture the different specification meal box, chip box, stereo box, hamburger box and so on.

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Product Detail
Machine Description

Carton Erecting Machine (paper box forming machine) is an automatic machine, specialized in making food carton, box, container which are made from cardboard, paper, paperboard, corrugated paper etc.

The food box (carton, container, dish, tray) is widely used as burger box, hot-dog box (tray), one block box, food pail box (Chinese food box, take-away box), fries box (chips box, chips tray), lunch box, meal box, etc.


Machine Advantage

1.Servo motor control the forming mold (press mold) (advanced, more accurate than mechanism cam control)

2.Using full servo system (4 servos in machine replace cam system)

3.Easy exchange molds to make different products, charging and adjusting time is very short. 

4.PLC program control the whole line, available to make complicated boxes. 

5.Automatic collection, stock, and count. 

6.Human being designed control button and panel, more easy and safe runs by user. 

7.PLC could save the adjusted parameter after you finish adjustment, it will help save time.




Paper Weight



60-160pcs/min(one station)

Welding Method

Water-Glue System Welding;

Available Material

200~620gsm board, paperboard, paper, corrugated cardboard, Fluted paper, etc.

Material Thickness

Max. 1.5mm

Paper Size:

L=Length: 100-450mm

W=Width: 100-550mm

H=Height: 15mm-320mm

Angle: 5~50 degrees

Paper Thickness


Paper Size


Machine Size (L*W*H)


Power Source

3-phase, 380V, 50/60Hz





Total Power


Machine Weight


Air Source

Compressed air at 6-10 bar needed

The product complies with the regulatory requirements and standards on CE conformity andtherefore carries the CE mark.





Machine Details

Thick Walls

Machine weight is exceed 2800kgs, machine runs stably at a high speed.

Cam Pushing System

Cam pusher design, reduce the wearing a lot.

Belt Structure

Belt structure have features of low noise, easy maintenance, longer service life and high precision

We are using same structure as the folder glue machine, the paper will be delivered more smoothly. And hard aluminium material, much better and use imported belt, the machine will stop if the machine doesn’t delivery paper or the machine is not in a correct way, we are also using servo motor for feeding.

At the beginning of paper feeding part, we install the vibrator, the quality of the output products will be increased when feeding precision is high, and it can make paper feed more smoothly.

We are using 4 servo system - two servo motors for paper feeding, one servo motor for paper sending, one servo motor for molding. The structure is much easier and it has less damageable parts with lower maintenance cost, you could do the most adjustments by Touch Screen Program PLC. If you only run the single lane, you could turn off the second lane, they are independent.

Wheel Glue System – they are independent.

In the forming part, we have the lubrication system and use the two rails which can make the forming more stably and longer service life.

We improve this structure, you could do changes faster than others, the collection unit could be open when you change the molds.

Two collection units are independent, you can move it smoothly.



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